Daniel Weiner takes time out to review the Flymount Gen 4 Action Camera Mount

Daniel Weiner, an equipment reviewer and also a pilot, has made an interesting review of the world’s first and best action camera mount, and he’s not shot any windsurfing footage!  (SCHAU DAS VIDEO AUF DEUTSCH) See more of Daniel at #mypilotblog


Flymount Gen 4 action camera mount in the gymnasium

Daniel’s from Germany and his take on the Flymount 4th Gen reveals whole new fields of use – from bike to skateboard to aircraft cockpit to gymnasium. While the inside shots don’t stress the uniquely strong and UV resistant qualities of the Flymount they do show how versatile a camera mount it is for the many situations you might need a secure camera attachment system – and where a normal mount just won’t work.

Flymounts aren’t just for windsurfers – you can easily mount a DSLR or CSC

There is a misconception that Flymounts are just for windsurfers and mountain bikers but the system was designed by videographers and athletes to be used in a many places meaning that a small and light but very strong mount can be carried in a pocket yet survive the sort of punishing conditions that break most other mounts. With a small action camera like a GoPro 5 and a Flymount you can have a unique technical asset that allows you to shoot video discretely, safely and yet fit the whole lot in a jacket pocket.


Flymount in Daniel’s cockpit

While a Flymount is generally used with small action cameras like GoPro, Sony Action Cam, Drift, Toshiba, Garmin and similar makes, it can equally hold a DSLR – although not in the same conditions as you would use a small and robust camera. Photographers have use DSLRs and Flymounts in trees, on roots, on ladders – even in the jungles of Papua New Guinea – where conventional mounts are impractical or even dangerous if they let the camera fall.


Daniel Weiner Flymount and GoPro 5 in the plane’s cockpit


Daniel Weiner lands his plane on the runway at night, captured by Flymount and GoPro 5

The above are some shots from the cockpit as Daniel pilots his plane back from London.

Watch his review for a much greater insight into Flymount’s versatility and quality.

If you have any unusual uses for your Flymount it would be fascinating to see them – email us mail@flymount.com.