Factory Second Camera Mounts

Factory second of our legendary Flymount Original action camera mount, with minor cosmetic imperfections. Strength and warranty are unaffected.

Fitted with GoPro type mounting system.



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The world's Original action camera mount! Light, strong and built to withstand the harshest outdoor environments on Earth.

The Flymount Original – like all our products – is manufactured here in the UK; assembled and packed by people who care about what they’re doing. We strive for the highest possible standards in our manufacturing to ensure that you have the most reliable action camera mount that money can buy, keeping your camera safe when it matters.

Every detail has been scrutinised over the years, and improved where necessary. To ensure the longest possible lifespan for your Flymount Original, we use a combination of premium grade Glass Reinforced Nylon-66, and marine grade metals. The glass reinforced Nylon-66 ensures that the body of these mounts is strong and stiff, and has incredible resistance to extremes of temperature and high ultra violet. This material is used by the automotive industry as a replacement for metal when weight needs to be kept to a minimum. The metal parts are a combination of 316 marine grade stainless steel, and CZ112 naval grade brass. This enables the Flymount Original to be used extensively in saltwater without corroding or seizing. These are the original - and best - mounts that you can buy for your action camera. Beware of imitations!

This version is a factory second of the Flymount Original. It is still a fantastic and reliable mount but it is not in the A1 condition we strive for due to minor cosmetic imperfections.

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8.5 × 6 cm

Standard, Tripod Bundle

Flymount with Insta360


Pocket sized at all times – thanks to our unique adjustment system – and weighing just 143g, these mounts have incredible resistance to saltwater, high levels of UV, and extremes of temperature.
They can also hold a staggering 80kg of hanging weight, and can be used with DSLR cameras for static mounting.
No other product comes close to offering the same combination of strength, versatility and low weight.
If you want your camera to stay attached, use a Flymount.

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