Francesco Leggio makes some amazing shots with his imagination and Flymount. I don’t know what time of day this is but the combination of light and dark with the bright flash on the board looks stunning.

Creativity is a rare and wonderful talent to have when you are shooting photographs that sum up what you do – and unusual viewpoints often work really well. I included the lake shot because it’s so beautiful you just want to be there.

We’d never thought of using a Flymount on an SUP paddle until Francesco started sending these sort of shots in – and it’s completely transformed the SUP imaging scene. Low level aerial shots always give you a refreshing viewpoint but with a paddle you can go down as well as up, and that’s something else. Shooting from semi-underwater, or even completely underwater, and then raising up to level and above means you can bring in other elements to your shots, including other people.

Francesco continues to surprise and delight us with his creativity and aesthetic eye.

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