Ludo Mlt sent us this lovely shot which sums up all the joy of ‘place’ in a simple image shot with his Flymount on the mast as he walks into the sea and sun. Shots like this, not action shots necessarily, had me thinking about what we like about photography and why we often love the unusual images that almost come by accident in between the action.

Lene Kyte sent us this shot – not a conventional action shot from her! It looks warm and clean and welcoming. It’s great fun and it reminds me of the Oscar Carmichael shot below

Flymount under water

Lene Kyte

Flymount shoots underwater

Oscar Carmichael

Oscar’s shot is a variant of the underwater theme with much more dramatic clouring. How powerful this image is compared with Lene’s soft and warm one. Look at the way the water and air is captured, it’s something you cannot normally see with the naked eye – it’s a photographic revelation and a phenomenon that we completely accept even though the tools to shoot this are comparatively recent. Not very many years ago you would be shooting film in a big camera in a waterproof case and now you can take a cheap GoPro camera and get as good as or better images in a tiny package (supported by your trusty Flymount, of course!)

See what Frank Beken of Cowes had to shoot with – huge full plate (glass plates not film) cameras with home made waterproof housing and a mouth activated bulb shutter release. He was one of the pioneers of sailing craft photography in Britain and you can buy his prints from This is our history and the start of what we take for granted in current photography. What will it be like in a few years time with the rapid development of tiny cameras with huge pixel counts? Can’t wait.

Alfred from Athens sent us this stunning image where the rider is dwarfed by the sea, his sail contrasting beautifully with the dark water and the breaking wave picking up the light.

Alfred in Athens with Flymount action camera mount

Alfred in Athens

Another Oscar Carmichael shot, this time blurred and moody – quite unlike the normal action shot he sends in but rich in mood and drama. Sharpness isn’t everything and some of the world’s greatest photographs haven’t been sharp – but they have summed up a moment.

Oscar Carmichael Flymount action camera mount windsurfing

Oscar Carmichael

Flymount action camera mount in car

Ben Proffitt

And finally, Ben Proffitt sent us this innovative and highly practical steering wheel mounted Flymount and camera set-up which should give you hours of fun with the local police.