Your new GoPro5 will fit the Flymount 4

Looking very cool, the GoPro 5 is a perfect match for your Flymount, the most versatile action camera mount in the world. We shall be testing the GoPro 5 along with a number of other cameras to see if it’s worth the money or whether you can get similar results with a cheap copy.

Can a cheap Chinese copy match a GoPro 5?

To that end, I’ve bought three really cheap action cameras – each under £15/$20 US – and not one of them has worked so far. They’ve all gone back to the sellers but it’s a shame because I really wanted to see what slightly old technology would look like. We were all thrilled with the early GoPros so I was expecting similar quality and a reasonable level of satisfaction – after all, much camera technology has plateaued and the improvements are incremental rather than revolutionary. That seems to be the case between the GoPro 4 and 5 – there is a difference but most people in most situations wouldn’t see the difference in real life.

Have you got some good footage from a cheap cam?

If you’ve shot with a really cheap camera that’s actually worked for you why not send us some footage or stills and we can do some assessing? I’m not knocking GoPro quality or price, technology comes at a price and the results we get from what is really  a pretty inexpensive device is amazing compared with only a few years ago. Long may it continue.

I’m still looking for a cheapo cam that works

So, the story continues – I’ll seek out a really cheap camera that actually works, play with the results in Final Cut or Photoshop and see if we can come close to a satisfactory result. Suggestions about brand etc are always welcome. Watch this space!