Alex Duparc gets airtime and uses his Flymount to shoot a dramatic image with other sailors in shot.

A sense of place is difficult to achieve unless you think about positioning your camera to view outwards. It’s easy with a Flymount because moving position to get different points of view – mast up and down, boom back and forth – is fast and secure so it encourages experimentation. Most of the best shots come after trial and error – and are less dependent on weather and conditions than we might think. It’s all about composition and timing.

windsurfing action camera mount Flymount

Andrea Pagan shoots Flymount

Andrea Pagan takes a dull day and makes it look fantastic with that lovely wave form flowing into the distance as the board just lifts off. Everything about the image says ‘action’.

windsurf action camera mount Flymount

Andy King at Daymer Bay shoots Flymount

Andy King removes nearly all the rig and and most of the board in this cold water shot in Daymer Bay, Cornwall, UK and yet it’s perfectly obvious what’s happening. It’s almost an abstract image and yet it’s easy to comprehend even though the only thing that’s sharp is Andy’s face. I love the little blurred windsurfer in the background.

windsurf action camera mount Flymount

Ben Proffitt shoots Flymount

Ben Proffitt’s shot tells the story in a similar way to Andrea Pagan. The wake of his board from wave to foreground, the inclusion of the full length shot of the other sailor and Ben’s concentration sum up the moment beautifully. Blue skies and perfect weather may have something to do with the attraction! It’s a great example of the boom fitting Flymount that allows you to shoot really intimate images of the action – and get your face in shot.

Flymount windsurf action camera mount

And finally, here’s another creative interpretation which takes full advantage of the movement blur to concentrate on the rider. The subtle pinks and low sun contrast well with the sail colours and the focus on the board and sailor brings the viewer’s attention to the main subject without forcing. A great image.