The scrutineers on race tracks fully endorse Flymount

brands-hatch-1-4The scrutineers at Brands Hatch are happy to let Flymounts out on the track because they are guaranteed strong and reliable in action, and safe for other racers.

MEV Exocet

This is a MEV Exocet, based on a Toyota MR2, and driven by Jonathon Blake (and driven extremely well, a winner)

We put three cameras onboard to shoot forward, sideways and back – a pity the back one was not switched on for this race! A lesson learned, always check the cameras are working – which is why you would see my distorted face looking myopically into the camera at the start of every video if we didn’t cut it out.

Drift, GoPro and Contour cameras

For this shoot we used Drift, Contour and GoPro cameras and the results were about equal if seen apart. It’s always better to use one type of camera to get matching results in the edit, otherwise the colours are different and the continuity looks wrong.


Versatility of the Flymount

It’s surprising how many places there are on a kit car that suit a Flymount, and that gives you fantastic versatility for capturing the many different actions that make up a successful video edit. We’ll be making a video about ‘not making boring videos’ in the near future – watch this space.

MEV – Mills Extreme Vehicles

MEV manufacture the worlds easiest to build and lowest cost road, track and race cars. Extreme vehicles to build for those looking for contemporary exoskeletal and replica kit cars.

Mills Extreme Vehicles Limited (MEV) is a highly active and enthusiastic company and you will find them at many shows throughout the year including NEC Autosport, Stoneleigh Kit Car Show, the huge Silverstone Classic and the NEC Practical and Classic Renovation Show. 

Have a look at the MEV Owners’ Forum.

The MEV owners’ forum is here

Lots of MEV meets and the annual bash in July

Once you have built a kit manufactured by MEV there are lots of meetings and road trips organised by the owners that you can join in with, not forgetting the MEV Owner’s annual get together in July.