Flymount Generation 4 action camera mount with GoPro 5


This was the world’s first ever action camera mount.
Launched in 2006, and continuously evolved to remain the very best action camera mount on the market today – light, strong, and endlessly versatile.

world's best windsurf mount



Used and abused by professional photographersathletes, film crews, and enthusiasts, worldwide since 2006.



Capture the perfect point of view, with virtually any action camera, thanks to our fully adjustable, interchangeable mounting system.
Our customers use these mounts to capture life in the world’s most extreme environments – from Cloud Break to the Arctic Circle, on everything from roll bars to bike frames. 

Flymount with Insta360
Flymount and Drift cameras recorded the first unsuported crossing of Papua New Guinea
Nikon DSLR on Flymount GoPro 4 on roll bar


Pocket sized at all times – thanks to our unique adjustment system – and weighing just 143g, these mounts have incredible resistance to saltwater, high levels of UV, and extremes of temperature.
They can also hold a staggering 80kg of hanging weight, and can be used with DSLR cameras for static mounting.
No other product comes close to offering the same combination of strength, versatility and low weight.
If you want your camera to stay attached, use a Flymount.


The one and only, original action camera mount – have a look round:

MATERIAL: PA-66 (30% glass filled) / Stainless Steel 316, Brass CZ112.
COMPATIBILITY: GoPro mounting system / Industry standard quarter inch thread.
WEIGHT: 143g
RANGE: 20mm to 50mm.


  • Flymount Original camera mount.
  • 2 metres of English Braid polyester lanyard cord.


  • Safety Leash.

What are the maximum and minimum diameters that the Flymount Original will fit to? 
The minimum diameter that the jaws of the mount will secure to without padding is 20mm.
The maximum diameter is approximately 
The dimension at the front of the jaws is 


How much does the Flymount Original weigh?
The product alone, without adapters fitted, weighs 134g
With a GoPro Adapter fitted, the weight is: 
With the ball joint and tripod mount fitted, the weight is: 

Can I mount my camera to a windsurf boom or SUP paddle?
The Flymount Original is designed to hold your camera securely to any tubular object, without slipping, falling off, or damaging equipment.

Will the Flymount Original work on my Standard Diameter Mast?
The range of the Flymount Original covers with all diamters of mast, both RDM and SDM.
You can also attach to any section of the mast, from the base to the tip.

I’m worried about point loading on my windsurf mast. Will this be a problem?
The Flymount Original is designed to prevent point loading.
The pressure is evenly spread around the mast in a similar way to a boom connection.
Urethane cushioning inside the jaws prevents any hard surface connections.
The narrow width of the product prevents any flex restriction of the mast.
There are a lot of Flymount Originals in the world now – 
we’ve never heard of one damaging a mast!

Can I position a GoPro to film down the centre of my mast, capturing both tacks?
ES! This simply requires the 
3-Way Pivot Arm that comes with your GoPro camera.
Use the long section with your Flymount GoPro Adapter:centre-view

Can I set up my Flymount to rotate with the luff tube?
You can lock your Flymount in place, or allow it to rotate with the luff tube simply by adjusting the amount of pressure applied to the jaws.
Due to the shape of the jaws, and the rigid construction of the mount, it is impossible for it to come off the mast until the jaws are fully opened. 

Can I mount to my bike handle bars and frame?
! The adjustable range of the Flymount Original allows for mounting on most parts of most bikes.
The urethane jaw liners prevent the mount from slipping or damaging paintwork. 

Do you have any recommendations for mounting positions on a bike?
We like frame mounted footage, as we feel the results are more fluid compared to mounting on the handlebars.
We all like different things though, and this is part of the fun.
Having someone in the frame always makes for good footage. If you can position the camera to capture yourself and surroundings,
or another person, you’ll be on to a winner!

I have an early Flymount Original – will it fit the GoPro Adapter?
! All Flymount Originals are compatible with our GoPro Adapters.

I have an old GoPro – will it fit the GoPro Adapter?
! All models of GoPro are compatible with our GoPro Adapters.

I have a camera that’s similar to a GoPro – will it fit the GoPro Adapter?
Almost certainly. 
If your camera looks like it would fit, the chances are it will.

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