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Our lightweight ultra tough camera mounts have been helping to capture POV photography since 2006. We were the first company on Earth to make camera mounts specifically for attaching to action sports equipment, and the factors that guided us then remain the same today – light enough to forget about, yet strong enough to withstand years of abuse in harsh marine environments.

Flymount Aero-130 with GoPro MAX


Ultralight mount for attaching action cameras to wing-foil wings and kites. Designed specifically for use on inflatable struts and leading edges.

Recommended safe mounting range: 80mm to 130mm.

Flymount Aero-40 with Instagram one x2


Our NEW compact mount for action sports equipment. The strongest and lightest action cam mount we’ve ever made.

Recommended safe mounting range: 25mm to 40mm.

Flymount Original


The world’s original action camera mount – rock solid attachment to windsurf masts, booms, bikes, roll bars, and much much more.

Recommended safe mounting range: 25mm to 40mm.

Flymount kiteboard mount with GoPro 10


Low profile action camera mount for twintip kiteboards and wakeboards.

GoPro to tripod adaptor


GoPro to tripod adaptor. For connecting cameras with threaded mounting points.

Flymount GoPro adaptor


GoPro adaptor for Flymount Original camera mount.


The best mount: solid and strong, to place your camera on a tube. Windsurfing is definitely one of the best usages, but anywhere else where you need to a attach your camera to a mast, pipe, table…
Willy Losa

It’s easy to use, it’s effective, and most importantly, it’s still there when I come to the surface.

Mark Angulo

Had the Flymount for 5 years now, it is excellent and allows excellent points of view for the GoPro while windsurfing. Love this attachment and it is still going strong!
Joseph Meehan

Flymount is such an awesome tool…’s a must have mount! you can get all kinds of sick angles, super fast screw on and maneuverable! what I love most is that It’s super secure to not loose your camera!!! no need to tie it down! Already have 1 and can’t wait to get my 2nd new mount!! Good Vibes and enjoy! DG

Diony Guadagnino

I been using this mount for years since came out the first model. Amazing how works. I will give him 20 Stars not only 5. Thank you for your support. Aloha!
Andrea Pagan

Very versatile and great quality mounts. I have been using it for over a year now and can’t wish for anything else. Also very positive about the customer service from FlyMount, fast and accurate.

Daan Stolk

Flymount Original is a beautifully engineered product: small yet strong, light and easy to attach. 10+ years of use in windsurf coaching has proved it to be impressively robust as my clients often take heavy falls. I trust it completely to keep my GoPros safe and to bring the action home at the end of the session!
Simon Winkley