Capture wide angle POV photography with your iPhone or iPod.


Patented optical technology widens and rotates your iPhone camera’s view.


See it. Record it. Share it. 

Capture stunning wide angle footage straight onto your iPhone or iPod.

Drop it onto a flat surface, film by hand, or snap it onto your helmet
using our integrated quick release system. 


Tough polycarbonate, with soft silicone liner, protects your phone from snowdirt, water, and impact.


Start and stop recording remotely. Share the footage seamlessly from your phone.


MATERIAL: Virgin grade polycarbonate / silicone.
COMPATIBILITY: iPhone SE, 5/5S, 4/4S, iPod Touch.


  • S.1 Case with built in Optical System, Quick Release system, and Silicone Liner.
  • Mount for vented helmets.
  • Mount for smooth helmets.
  • Safety Leash.
  • Microfibre storage bag.
  • Free user app.

ACCESSORIES: Remote Control.


Which models of iPhone can I use with the S.1? 
The S.1 currently fits iPhone models: SE, 5S, 5, 4S, 4. It also fits the iPod Touch.

Is the S.1 waterproof?
We have tested the S.1 down to a depth of 2m – in a static situation – without water entering the case.
However, it is possible that movement of water around the case could compromise the waterproof seal, therefore we advise that the S.1 should not be used in fully submersed environments. Rain, puddle splashes, snow etc are all fine.

Do I have to use the Flymount Remote Control to start and stop recording remotely? 
No! Any device that controls the volume on your iPhone or iPod will start and stop recording when using the Flymount app.

Can I use the S.1 on the top of my helmet as well as the side?
Yes! The S.1 works on both the side and top of any helmet. Our free app corrects the image orientation – simply select the position you want to film in.

How can the S.1 capture footage when it’s mounted flat to my helmet? 
The Flymount S.1 uses our patented optical system to bend the camera’s view through 90 degrees, and also widen it to approximately twice the original field of view.

Is the S.1 shockproof?
Yes! The outer case of the S.1 is made from ultra tough virgin grade polycarbonate. The internal part of the case is lined with a thick silicone insert that encases your phone. This combination offers incredible resistance to impact.

Can the S.1 be used on vented cycle helmets? 
Yes. We supply mountings for both smooth and vented helmets with the S.1