Flymount's early design development in Tarifa


In 2005 we started attaching early waterproof digital cameras to our windsurf rigs.
The footage was great, but there were no mounting devices that could hold our cameras in place without either damaging the sails, or falling off. So we started making our own. By 2006 we were making mounts that satayed in place whatever the conditions.


The footage that we captured with this early combination was mind blowing – previously it would have required an expensive bullet cam with a big battery in a rucksack, and the whole thing would need to be made waterproof. Suddenly we were able to capture the same results with a little point-and-shoot camera and homemade mount, costing a fraction of the price.


A market was emerging for point-of-view photography, helped by the new video sharing platform YouTube, and the rapidly improving quality of digital image capture.

We wanted to turn our camera mount into a more versatile product that would allow cameras to be attached to any type of action sports equipment, so we set up Flymount as a business with my father (a professional photographer), and worked with internationally renowned product designer Kevin J McDonald to launch the world’s very first action camera mount – the Flymount Original.

Around the same time, a company called GoPro started making cameras, and the market exploded.

We’ve remained a family business, with a strong focus on quality and customer care. Our products are sold worldwide, and used by some of the world’s greatest photographers and athletes.
We’re proud to be part of this market, and to have been there since the beginning.