Scooter skateboard kids are everywhere these days. With an abundance of skateparks, and new projects emerging all the time, it’s unsurprising. Riding a scooter and skateboard is a childhood right of passage. For some, it’ll be fleeting whilst other groms stick at it for the long haul. In this article, we talk about shooting all that kiddy scooting and skateboard action with your Flymount and GoPro / Insta 360.

Flymount versatility.

Whilst Flymount was never conceived with scooting and skateboarding in mind it’s become obvious over the years how creative our customers are. Point of view action cam mounts are primarily created with selfie footage in mind. However, you can use your Flymount and GoPro / Insta 360 to shoot others.

Or, as some skateboarders we know do, mounting to third party fixed objects. The aim is to then ride close to your cam and get a different angle of the action. The beauty of Flymount mounts is they can be affixed to static cylindrical objects. Ramp coping, uprights, grind rails, fencing and even plants and trees in close proximity are all game!

Shooting other scooter and skateboard riders.

If you have a crew of riders, one who’s nominated can use a Flymount and action mounted to something like a selfie stick. He or she can then position themselves accordingly to capture that essential scooter and skateboard action.

Alternatively, the camera operator can jog close to the rider. This is another way to get unique footage. Moving around the rider the angles can be great. End results look dynamic and fun. This is an especially effective technique if at a skatepark.

Tips on shooting kids skating and scooting.

In some of our other how to articles you’ll find similar advice when shooting with action cams. But the following best practices are always worth employing to get the best results.

  1. Shoot on a bright and sunny day (if possible). Action cams don’t like flat, dull light.
  2. Ensure you have enough battery and memory. It’s highly annoying if you get caught out with a dead battery.
  3. Make sure you affix your Flymount to its mounting point securely. 
  4. Encourage your kids to ride dynamically. Don’t put them in harm’s way. But going for it will see great pics and video captured.
  5. Communicate about what’s going to happen for each shot. That way everyone knows what they should be doing.
  6. Edit the footage post-session. A few tweaks can sometimes reveal better images and vids. (Don’t over edit though).
  7. @ tag Flymount on Facebook or Instagram when you upload the footage to social media. We’d love to see more groms riding.
Scooter skateboard kids - 7 awesome tips to capture grom action.
Shooting in the skatepark with Flymount.

Summing up.

Scooting and skateboard riders – just as with windsurfers, wing foilers and paddle boarders – love a bit of memory making photo and video action. It’s great to look back on sessions weeks, months and years later. Equally, there’s also a self coaching element for riders who are committed and looking to improve. You can use the footage to learn from and tweak your technique. After all, it isn’t always just about bragging rights!