Watersports and action sports are bread and butter for us here at Flymount. As a regular customer, you’ll already be aware of this. That’s why you own a Flymount GoPro / Insta 360 action camera mount. What you may have missed, however, are the recent knowledge articles we’ve published. Covering a wide array of disciplines we look at wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, skateboarding, MTB, BMX and motorsport. Ever keen to pass on Flymount tips and tricks this content is aimed at guiding and showing you how to with your Flymount.

Flymount buyers’ guide for watersports and action sports.

Depending on your intended application there are a number of different Flymount action camera mounts to choose from. Whilst we created our products with specific scenarios in mind we’re well aware of our customer’s creativity.

As such, we published a Flymount buyer’s guide. This aims to signpost some of the main and alternative uses for our action cam mounts. You can check out the Flymount buyer’s guide by clicking the link below.

1. Windsurfing and Flymount.

Windsurfing is our bread and butter. It’s where we come from, the sport we started with and the whole reason the brand exists. Without windsurfing there’d be no Flymount. And we’re still super stoked on the sport and what it offers. 

Ben Proffitt using the Flymount Aero-40 with the new Insta360 ONE X3 whilst windsurfing
Watersports like windsurfing are Flymount’s bread and butter.

Any windsurfer will tell you: there’s no feeling quite like hooking in, slotting your feet into the straps and blasting. For all that windsurfing froth hit up the links below.

2. Wing foiling – watersports’ newest contender.

We saw the wing foiling writing on the wall right at the very start. In some ways, foil winging is a hybrid version of windsurfing. In other ways, it’s a stand alone discipline. There may be synergy with other sports but winging is unique.

Yann Rifflet using a Flymount Aero-130 with a GoPro
Wing foiling watersports action with Yann Rifflet.

The rise of wing foiling (pun intended!) prompted us to design and bring to market the Aero 130 wing mount. Unique and innovative, it’s one of Flymount’s most popular products. With foil wingers ever keen to shoot their on water antics. Hit up the articles below to discover more wing foiling goodness.

3. Paddlers apply here (SUP and kayak).

There are lots of paddlers who use Flymount GoPro / Insta 360 action mounts when out for a jolly. Paddling is one of those areas that wasn’t an initial focus of Flymount. But over time it’s become apparent that our products fit the bill perfectly. As watersports go, paddle boarding is arguably easy to shoot with Flymount.

SUP foiling may be riding above the water but the paddle is the main form of propulsion and a good mounting point.

Whether paddle boarding or kayaking with one of our action camera mounts you’re poised to capture all that great action on the water. Head over to one of the articles featured below to find out more about paddle sports and Flymount.

4. Surfing and kitesurfing – we do these too!

Just as with everything else we talk about – whether the Flymount focus disciplines or not – our customers find ways and means. Some riders use their Flymount action mounts for all sorts of things. 

Surfing is one of the original watersports
Surfing is one of the original watersports and good for action shots.

Surfing and kitesurfing are two sports which we never had in mind originally when creating Flymount products. But yet again user ingenuity and versatility shine through. And following feedback we also came up with the kiteboard mount. The articles below highlight this.

5. Skateboarding wins!

The creativity of our customers/users when looking to nail the shot knows no bounds. Which you can see in these two skateboarding related articles. Again, skating was never really an intended discipline. But where there’s a will there’s way.

Skateboarding isn't watersports but with a Flynmount you still nail the capture!
Skateboarding isn’t watersports but with a Flymount you still nail the capture!

As such there are a few skateboarding customers we have who use their Flymounts to capture the action. Also, check out the article on wing skating. A hybrid fusion of both winging and skating.

6. BMX / mountain bike action.

One of our video promos (which you can see here) features mountain biking. And how Flymount can fit this application. We’re keen bikers ourselves and have dabbled with GoPro / Insta 360 mounting options on frames. It definitely works. 

BMX is another sport that favours our mounts. You can see an article below featuring Bradon Bradford and how we hooked him up with a Flymount to capture the action. So, the bottom line is: bikers apply here!

7. Motorsport is go!

Grass karting, with its tubular chassis, is the perfect mounting point for a Flymount. Obviously, this isn’t watersports but motorsport is another example of FM’s versatility.

Flymount racing car
Racing at Brands Hatch UK with Flymount mounted cameras that passed the scrutineers.

We were pretty stoked to say the least when Top Gear’s The Stig was filmed grass kart racing with a Flymount. As we’ve always maintained, professionals and everyday users alike find favour with our mounts because they’re so pro. Check out the article below.

Summing up watersports and action sports content on the Flymount website.

You can see we’ve been busy bunnies with our website. It’s important for us to convey just how Flymount action cam mounts can be used. As well as show customers the potential once they own one. Stay tuned for more watersports and action sports good stuff coming soon. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the knowledge section here.

Flymount Cape Town action windsurfing
Cape Town windsurfing with Flymount and Markus Caspari, showing Table Mountain

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