Watersports season is nearly upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. As winter gives way to spring proper, and ultimately summer, this is the time of year many wait for. Warmer water temperatures. Warmer air. More sunshine and blue skies. And a heightened sense of motivation (because of the aforementioned) all inspire riders to get amongst it more. High season can therefore be a great period for improving your skills and technique. 

Here are 10 moves to try with 10 different watersports. And all when using your Flymount and action cam for self coaching. That way you’ll be able to assess and pinpoint which areas need work and be ever closer to stomping it!

Watersports self coaching with Flymount and action cams.

Watersports self coaching is something we’ve talked about in previous articles here and here. The unique angle a Flymount and GoPro / Insta 360 gives means riders can accurately view what’s going on during any move.

As long as you have the correct knowledge and understanding in place, for the manoeuvre you’re working on, it’s possible to self coach yourself to success. Posting the footage for review by more experienced riders will also help with pointers. The Flymount self coaching method can be a good one when you’re not able to use a qualified instructor.

1. Windsurfing highs (jumping moves).

Whatever level of windsurfer you are, there’s always something new to learn. It never stops. For many riders getting airborne is one of this watersport’s beauties. The more advanced you are the more intricate those aerial shenanigans may become.

Windsurfing holidays with Flymount
Reach for the skies!

For intermediates simply breaking that board and fin free, getting air flowing between the board and water is the goal. Advanced windsurfers may then gravitate towards forward loops – the all-star move of windsurfing. And for riders stomping those already you may be looking to boost aerial from the lip when wave riding. Or stick a backie or push loop. So jumping, broadly speaking, is the focus. Using your Flymount you’ll be able to diagnose any problems and rectify them once back afloat.

Top tip: 

Any kind of windsurfing jump requires commitment. Visualise what you intend to do before heading out and go for it!

2. Wing foiling boosts (more jumping).

Sticking with the jumping theme many wing foilers once they get to a proficient enough level start looking at what’s next. Wave riding is an obvious one. As is boosting to the sky. Windsurfing jumps are actually fairly simple to achieve, with a go-for-it attitude. And they feel great.

Yann Rifflet wing foilig using a Flymount Aero-130 with a GoPro
Flymount’s Aero 130 capturing the watersports wing foil action!

Whether flat water or bumpy, your foil acts a bit like a spring. This allows riders to punt themselves pretty high even from flat water. Using your Flymount and action cam you’ll be able to assess the actions and refine the technique to make your jumps more dynamic next time around.

Top tip:

To gain maximum height with your wing foiling jumps aim to boost off a piece of chop or small wave. Even on flat water you’ll find a ramp. And this will give you extra height. Timing is everything though!

3. Paddle boarding bottom turns for the watersports win.

As an improving paddle boarder, you may start looking at more performance oriented areas of this ever popular watersports discipline. SUP racing has long attracted riders wanting to step up from being just recreational riders. Foiling is in the mix these days. But SUP surfing holds a certain awe.

Powering through the SUP surfing bottom turn.

Good wave riding – whatever the craft – comes from a solid bottom turn. It’s the foundation for all sorts of follow on turns. Being able to engage the board’s rail fully, carve off the bottom with speed. And slingshot yourself up the lip is where it’s at. Having the unique angle a Flymount can deliver means this dynamic can be assessed and worked on. Thereby making you a more performance orientated rider.

Top tip:

When dropping in aim for the steepest part of the wave (the peak) for maximum speed. Then use your vision and look in the direction of travel, leaning on your paddle slightly. But not submerging it. That way you should engage the rail naturally with speed.

4. Surfing cover ups – the barrel lite move within watersports?

Surfing is the daddy of watersports – it always has been. And getting barreled has always been a common goal among surfers. It’s just unfortunate that not always are quality enough to allow throaty kegs to be ridden.

Watersports awesomeoness surfing
Covered up and lovin’ it!

But in a lot of cases, waves of all sizes (even smaller) do have suckier sections which give opportunity for riders to tuck under the lip. Not a full blown barrel, a cover up is still fun and helps dial in muscle memory for tube sliding proper. Using a selfie stick and Flymount riders will be able to sort their timing and positioning which are key elements for cover ups and barrel scoring.

Top tip:

Use your vision, spot the throwing section and regulate your board speed to not outrun it or fall behind. Get low and tuck in! You’ll see how well you executed the move via your post-session footage. All captured via the awesomeness of Flymount and action cams of course!

5. Kayak edging – a foundational skill for wave riding.

This may seem like a throw away skill that’s hardly worth mentioning. Yet for kayakers who aspire to ride swell (and many do) being able to edge your boat efficiently is a set up move for riding waves. It can also help with tracking efficiency on the flat. As well as overall boat control.

Edging into the wave.

Locking your knees out to the side the aim is to use your hips to edge the boat onto one side or the other. Your upper body and head should remain upright and be independent of what’s going on with your bottom half. The more you do this the more your confidence will grow.

Top tip:

When learning to edge your kayak use your paddle for counterbalancing. Be prepared to end up in the drink a few times though. But once your confidence builds start to make the lean angle more extreme. As with other skills use your Flymount and GoPro / Insta 360 for self coaching the move.

6. Windfoiling duck gybes – one of the most fulfilling windsurf foiling moves.

Windfoiling is still a thing. Despite wing foiling stealing solemn of the discipline’s thunder. If you can windsurf then windsurf foiling is a logical next step. And arguably easier than having to learn something completely new.

Once you’re sustaining flight and able to foil gybe, adding a duck is logical. A windfoil duck gybe is sometimes easier to nail than a standard foil gybe. It’s also a good one if you’re overpowered. And then there’s the fun element. Which is up there!

Top tip:

Subtlety is the name of the game with all foiling moves – until you become super proficient. Unlike a conventional windsurfing duck gybe on fin, where you throw the rig across your body. A windfoiling duck gybe requires the rider to pass the clew overhead whilst on a deep broad reach. This is when the rig will be at its lightest. Your Flymount will help you pinpoint the maneuver’s subtleties.

7. Kitesurfing board grabs.

If you can get air there’s nothing quite like adding an extra bit of spice and taking a hand off mid-flight. Board grabs are all about style over function. They look cool but serve no actual practical purpose. But does that matter? Nope! Do it anyway…

Twin tip board mount by Flymount
Kitesurfing board grab action with Flymount.

Kitesurfing board grabs can be done with a hand on the nose, tail or middle part of the board. Once you’re comfortable grabbing you can tweak the move out more, in any way you see fit. Some of the footage you’ll be able to get with the Flymount kiteboard mount is awesome!

Top tip:

Start by simply boosting, dropping a hand and touch your kitesurf board with your fingertips. Then move onto raising the board higher and grabbing. On from that, it’s your choice of how you steez the move up.

8. Skateboarding bowl rides.

Whilst skateboarding isn’t a watersport per se any follower of Flymount’s blog will be aware of other skateboard riders who use our mounts to great effect. This post in particular gives good insight to using Flymount mounts for capturing skateboard shots.

Flymount capturing that surf skate action.

For skaters who’ve been considering getting up the coping now’s your chance. Skateboarding doesn’t have to be about chucking yourself down stairways. But riding transitions and skateparks in a dynamic fashion is good fun. Work your way up to coping slowly and build confidence progressively. Post-session footage will show you your progress.

Top tip:

Riding a surf skate in a skatepark can be more confidence inspiring than a standard street skate setup. The additional carveability of surf skate trucks means riders can stay in contact with the hard and not have to air or pivot. This can make vertical transition skating more accessible. Just be aware of falling, however.

9. eFoil carving.

We appreciate that many eFoils (electric foil boards) have a price tag keeping them out of the realms of purchase for many. That said, the eFoiling market has seen a steady increase during recent years.

eFoil carves can be self coached with Flymount too!

If you one an eFoil one thing riders tend to do most of is straight line. There’s nothing wrong with this. But there’s a whole load more fun to be had if you indulge in a spot of carving. Carving and turning whilst on foil is often described to mimic snowboard powder runs. And we’d highly recommend it. Your Flymount and GoPro / Insta 360 are able to then capture all the action.

Top tip:

Subtlety is the name of the game when turning on foil. You can’t jam a carve as this’ll result in a crash. So starting slowly is the best course of action. As you gain confidence and skill you’ll be able to push it a lot more.

10. Hydrofoil cycling.

Rather than being a move, this is more a suggestion of trying something new. Hydrofoil cycling (biking on water) is right at the cutting edge of foiling watersports. There’s only really one brand around that manufactures kit. And you’ll have to arrange a demo with a supplier who firstly has the equipment but also knows what they’re doing.

This all said, if you can manage to sort a Manta5 hydrofoil cycling session we’re pretty sure you’ll have awesome fun. And your eyes will open to what potential this unique watercraft can offer. Try it, you might like it!

Top tip:

Search online to find your nearest hydrofoil bike dealer and arrange a demo with them for you and your mates. 

Summing up.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration from this article and will be trying something new this imminent summer season. Don’t forget to capture all that action with your trusty Flymount and action camera. And when uploading to social media be sure to @ tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see what you’ve been up to.

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