Flymount action camera GoPro/Inst360 mounts are both innovative and unique. There are certainly other action camera mounts, designed with various applications in mind. GoPro and Insta360 themselves peddle a solid line of camera mounts. But the fact remains: there’s nothing quite like Flymount. Here are five innovative and unique reasons that make Flymount’s products such a great choice of action camera mount accessory, whatever your situation.

Flymount is a UK brand with products made in Britain.

Flymount is proud of the fact our GoPro and Insta360 action camera amounts are designed, tested, and produced in the UK. Flymount’s own Joe Knapton is quoted as saying, ‘It seemed wrong to be manufacturing things on the other side of the planet when we had the capacity to do it here. Since establishing the manufacturing here in the UK we haven’t looked back.’ Furthermore, he adds, ‘I always admire other people who choose to manufacture locally. We have the ability to make great things in this country!’

With the production of most consumer goods happening overseas, it’s refreshing to note the Flymount ethos of producing in the UK. Even our safety line leash system is sourced from fellow UK brands – English Braids – with similar core values. Furthermore, we’re aware of how this gives us additional kudos to all our customers. So we’re not intending to change this any time.

Innovation is key.

Our brand is a group of tinkerers, testers, and individuals who ‘play’ with systems until an efficient solution is found. Back in 2005 Flymount first started messing around with windsurfing mast action camera mounts. This coincided with the burgeoning popularity of YouTube and riders wanting to film and take photos of themselves. But Gaffer taping heavy cameras to windsurfing rigs wasn’t practical. Another solution needed to be found.

And so it was that after another 12 months or so Joe and his team created a more practical windsurfing action camera mount. In tandem, the Flymount brand was born and is now held in high esteem by many windsurfers – professional and recreational. But it doesn’t stop there! With the rise in popularity of wing foiling the Aero 130 was brought to market. And as it stands at the start of 2024 there’s no other wing mounted action cam mount quite like it.

We know these sports – inside and out!

Anybody with technical ability can design products to fit a certain niche. But when it comes to watersports, action sports and what rider wants/needs are you have to be involved as a participant. All windsurfers, wingsurfers, paddle boarders, skaters, mountain bikers and so on will unconsciously understand all their discipline’s nuances and subtleties. As a result, designing effective GoPro and Insta360 action camera mounts needs to come from actual in-practice experience. This makes the development process much easier.

Fortunately, this is the case. All the team have years of on water riding time in the bag. And to an accomplished level at that. As much as understanding these sport’s intricacies Flymount members get what the rigors of pushing the envelope can have on equipment. Therefore all our action cam mounts are designed to withstand punishment. Not all camera mounts can do this. And in many cases shouldn’t be trusted. (Think of getting worked in the surf when wave sailing, for instance, and whether your non-Flymount action cam mount would cope).

Focus on materials.

With the above in mind, one thing we were acutely aware of when designing Flymount action cam mounts is the additional weight. This was particularly the case with the Aero 130 wing mount. However, even clamping on the Aero 40 to a windsurfing mast will negatively affect the windsurfing ride experience. So we focused on this as one of the most important points.

As such, all Flymount action camera mounts are super lightweight – yet tough as old boots. The reduction in swing weight (think again of the Aero 130 when attached to a foil wing’s tip) is negligible. This allows the rider to stay focused on the important part: riding!

Resistance to saltwater corrosion and harmful UV.

Saltwater and high UV environments (the sea, basically!) aren’t the kindest to your equipment. All your gear needs to be thoroughly rinsed and washed down after use. Otherwise, it’ll start and deteriorate. And we all know how expensive some of these ‘toys’ can be. It’s the same with action camera mounts.

Flymount - 5 innovative reasons to choose our action camera mounts.
We created Flymount so capturing windsurfing action like this was possible.

One unique aspect of Flymount products is how they’re built to withstand saltwater corrosion and high levels of UV. This was a conscious decision born of experience riding in various global windsurf and wingfoil destinations. We know how harmful these elements can be and want all Flymount mounts to stand the test of time. Whilst we design and test in the UK we also want our gear to be more than fit for purpose across the whole planet. And not having Flymount items end up in landfills is better for Mother Nature.

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