Motorsports – such as go karting, grass karting, FMX and so on – are just as worthy of being shot with GoPro / Insta360 action cameras as watersports. In fact, because of the design of these machines – such as tubular chassis and roll cages – there are plenty of ways to attach a Flymount action camera mount and shoot that action POV style. Read on to find out how.

Flymount’s unique design – perfect for motorsports.

Flymount action camera mounts were originally created with affixing to windsurfing masts in mind. The secure clamping mechanism, lightweight manufacturing and robust design means Flymount products will cope with plenty.

The same tubular connections can be found with many motorsports vehicles. And if you can’t find a mounting point already in place you could always ‘engineer’ something yourself. Once you’ve identified where to clamp your mount either the Flymount Aero 40 or Original are good to go. Just make sure you attach your GoPro or Insta360 as well!

Motorsports shooting best practises.

We’ve spoken about this a lot in other Flymount how to articles. But there are a few ways to ensure you nail the best footage and/or motorsport images you can. These are as follows – 

Motorpsorts and Flymount action camera mount Grasstrack racing
Motorsports and Flymount are the ideal rugged action camera mount partners for hard driving grasstrack racing.
  • Pick a sunny or bright day to shoot (if you’re outdoors) Try and avoid grey and overcast days if possible. 
  • If shooting inside make sure it’s brightly lit. This should be the case but best to check.
  • Experiment with different mounting points if you can. This’ll ensure a diverse number of photos and motorsport video.
  • Ensure you tighten your Flymount so it’s secure. Same with your action cam. Use the included safety leash line as well if necessary for additional security. And make sure your cam’s fully charged with enough storage.
  • Drive or ride dynamically for the best results possible.
  • Edit your footage post-session – even if only a little. Sometimes a few edits can reveal a golden shot!
  • Do @ tag Flymount on either Facebook or Instagram so we can see your awesome photos and videos. 

Flymount versatility.

The versatility of Flymount action mounts makes them perfectly applicable to shooting motorsport. Whatever mode of transport you’re piloting you’ll be able to capture the action perfectly.

Motorpsorts grasstrack racing
Nailing the grasstrack shot!

Also, as a complete curveball, don’t forget the Flymount kiteboarding mount. This can be stuck to flat surfaces so may offer another opportunity. It’ll certainly help you serve up some new angles. Just make sure you’re actually allowed to stick the mount to whatever surface you’re intending. A once-in-a-while hire session at the go kart track probably isn’t the one for this!

Summing up.

So many riders, drivers and users fit their Flymount action cam mounts to a wide and varied set of applications. We as a brand may have watersports in mind when it comes to the design of our products. However, the creativity of users is extensive. We completely endorse this and salute anybody who thinks outside the box.

If you’re into motorsports and looking for a unique way to shoot pics and video during your session then why not have a look at the Flymount online shop. Here you’ll find plenty of product info. But don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.