Mountain biking is another action sport we’re fond of here at Flymount. We know plenty of windsurfers and wing foilers who put peddle to the metal (yes, we mean it to be spelled like that!) when there’s no wind or waves. Mountain biking is a great activity for still making use of the outdoors, getting some exercise and having fun when it’s not happening on the water. But can you use a Flymount action cam mount for MTB?

Flymount design.

Flymount was created initially to attach to windsurfing masts. As any windsurfer will know these ‘objects’ are cylindrical. The Flymount clamp affixes in a solid fashion via jaws that users screw tight.

It’s a secure, robust and versatile product that can be adjusted to suit whatever riders are aiming for. The very same design properties of Flymount action cam mounts make them applicable to mountain biking.

The mountain bike frame.

Just as with windsurfing masts mountain bike frames also feature cylindrical and tubular components. So, hey presto! it’s possible to clamp your Flymount GoPro / Insta 360 action cam mount to parts of your bike.

Mountain biking – get out there and ride!

Point of view photography, via action cameras, is the easiest and least hassle way of nailing mountain biking videos and photos. You won’t need a photographer or set up and staging of a shot. Simply attach, hit the button, and go!

Top notch mountain biking shots.

To ensure you get the best mountain biking shots with your Flymount and action camera these 7 tips will set you on the right path.

Moutain biking and Flymount
Flymount fixed in place – ready to go!
  1. Experiment with your angles and fixing points first. This way you’ll know what angles and fixing points result in the best footage and photos.
  1. If possible ride on sunny or brighter days rather than rainy. Action cameras prefer better weather and your results will be far better.
  1. Make sure your action cam is fully charged and you have enough memory BEFORE heading out for a mountain biking session.
  1. Ride dynamically. Action cams can often ‘flatten’ the action so you almost have to over-egg it a little.
  1. Edit your footage and photos a little bit post-MTB fun. They’ll then look as good as they can be.
  1. @ Flymount when you upload to social media – either our Facebook page or Instagram feed. We love seeing the results and what you get up to.
  1. Have fun! (As if that needs to be said).

Other ideas.

If you’re able you may also try attaching your Flymount and action cam to a third party fixed object. This does require some setting up but it can yield fab results.

We have some Flymount users who do this with disciplines. Having affixed their mount and cam in place he/she will then ride close to teh camera to ensure teh action is captured. It can be a good way to mix up your shots.

Flymount versatility.

Whilst our action camera mounts were designed with specific uses in mind, it’s become apparent over time there’s more. Our customers and riders are ever-creative. As such Flymount mounts are used in varied ways.

Mountain biking and Flymount
Sending it, MTB style!

Mountain biking might not necessarily be the obvious application. But where there’s a will there’s a way – as the saying goes. So, what are you waiting for? Get out on your bike and ride!

For the full list of Flymount action camera mounting products head over to the online shop here.