Windsurfing and wing foiling Christmas gifts aren’t always that easy to buy. Unless you’re looking to purchase a new board, sail, foil, or wing for the rider in question then often it’s a dead end. After all, the equipment for these these sports is usually accompanied by a high price tag. And mostly the windsurfer or wing foiler in question will have sorted these bits of kit themselves. Fortunately, there’s another option. And one that Flymount can wholeheartedly help with.

windsurfing with Flymount
Give the windsurfing gift of Flymount this Christmas.

Windsurfing and wing foiling action cam gifts.

Most action cams, such as Insta360 and GoPro, come with a variety of mounts to get you up and using the product straight away. A Flymount Aero-130 or Aero-40, however, takes the action camera mount and makes it even better. Lightweight, super tough and innovative whether you’ve owned your action cam for a while, or have just gotten hold of a GoPro/Insta360, adding a Flymount is the next logical step.

Designed, engineered, made, and tested in the UK Flymount action camera mounts are solid accessories that can be depended upon to help riders nail those awesome windsurfing and wing foiling shots. Flymount won’t let you down and can cope with the harshest environments whilst not detracting from the riding experience. Being super lightweight means you hardly notice they’re attached to your windsurfing mast or wing foiling wing.

But it doesn’t stop there!

It doesn’t stop there, however! Flymount action cam mounts aren’t just for windsurfing and wing foiling. There’s a variety of other action sports disciplines Flymount products are perfect for. Paddle boarding, kitesurfing, kayaking, surfing, MTB, BMX and so on. Plus even some things that you might not have considered. We know of one Flymount fan who uses their Aero-40 when playing drums!

The versatility a Flymount can deliver, for all sorts of applications is tangible. So if you’re struggling to know what to ask Santa for this Christmas, or what to get that windsurfing or wing foiler in your life, here’s a great suggestion. If they already own an action cam, or will be gifted one this festive season, a Flymount is the logical awesome accessory they’ll love.

Check out the Flymount online shop for all the different types of action camera mounts here. If you have any questions just give us a shout.