Surfing and windsurfing are the elder statesmen of watersports. Yet they’re just as fun as they always were. And plenty of riders indulge when conditions are good. As many will be aware Flymount action cam mounts were originally designed with windsurfing in mind. But as things have evolved Flymount products are being used in a variety of different scenarios.

Surfing and Flymount.

Surf and Flymount mightn’t be an obvious match when you first think about it. Yet where there’s a will there’s a way. Whilst the mechanism for attaching a Flymount Aero 40, for instance, isn’t seemingly compatible with surfing (as there are no tubular fixed points on a surfboard) getting creative yields results.

A case in point is this recent barrel sequence captured by Eleazar Alonso. Using a selfie stick (we assume) the Canary Islands ripper manages to tuck into a sweet hollow section and snap the goods in tandem. With best practise Flymount techniques employed (sunny weather and riding dynamically – as we mention in this Flymount how to) the end results are stunning! As we’re sure you’ll agree.

How to shoot yourself in the surf with Flymount.

If you’re thinking about using your GoPro or Insta360 and Flymount action camera mount for surfing then here are some quick tips to help you along the way.

  • Surfers will need to use a selfie stick when shooting surfing. This can be tucked under your chest whilst paddling out. Or, if wearing a wetsuit, slide it into the neck area along your spine.
  • Paddling into waves with a selfie stick can be tricky. If you have your Flynount under your chest you’ll need to stroke one handed. With enough wave ‘push’ however, you should still get into it. Easier is to have your selfie stick and Flymount tucked into your wetsuit. Once on your feet you can then grab your camera and start shooting.
  • We’d suggest wearing a safety leash with your selfie stick attached. This way you won’t accidentally drop your camera. You may have to ‘engineer’ a fixed point for the leash on your stick before heading for a surfing session.
  • Choose good weather for shooting if you can. Sunshine and blue skies – or at least brighter conditions – make for better surf shots.
  • Ride dynamically for great results.
  • Edit your shots or video post-session. And don’t forget to @ tag Flymount on both Facebook and Instagram when you upload the images to socials.

Windsurfing and Flymount.

Using your Flymount action cam mount when windsurfing is back to ground zero. It’s what we initially created Flymount products for. Being able to attach your GoPro or Insta360 to your windsurf sail’s mast gives a unique point of view angle of all the action. Over the years some of the results we’ve seen are amazing. Combined with Flymount’s tip-top manufacturing it’s why Flymount action cam mounts are trusted the world over by professionals and everyday riders alike.

Carlos Pro nailing the shot indeed!

Speaking of amazing captures the most jaw-dropping windsurfing image we’ve seen of late is this one from Carlos Pro (above). Another rider out of Spain who nails awesome results with his Flymount. The image encapsulates everything we talk about when looking to shoot quality POV windsurfing shots. Dynamic, bright, and sunny with great action. As we said, this is an awesome example of what you can achieve with Flymount action cam mounts.

How to nail awesome windsurfing shots with Flymount.

As with all disciplines when shooting with Flymount and action cams there are a couple of easy tips to follow to make sure you nail the windsurfing shot.

  • Choose a bluebird windsurfing day if possible. We know the weather can’t be controlled but brighter days are always better for results.
  • Give it some beans and ride dynamically.
  • Make sure you use the included Flynmount safety leash so you don’t lose your camera!
  • Edit your pics post-session (just a little bit).
  • Share them on socials and don’t forget to @ tag Flymount so we can see the results. If you’re happy we’ll also share them to our own feeds.