Windfoil Zone in Norway: Flymount’s new Norwegian partner. Windfoil Zone is a fairly new company started by Romain Jourdan. Basically – anything you want to know about the windfoiling world, you’ll find it on his website

Windfoil Zone background.

Romain’s passion for foil windsurfing started in 2002. Foil technology was known, and embodied by Laird Hamilton, who was the very first to ride Jaws on his surf-foil, but there was generally low interest around it. Only a few people saw any future in foiling, due to the high production costs and complexity.  

Windfoil zone1
Windfoiling into the sunset.

However, Romain’s brother (another windsurfing fanatic and adrenaline junkie), was fascinated by composite materials and started to experiment on a foil project of his own. Windfoil has therefore been on the top of his mind for a long time.

This website is the result of many hours of frustration in trying to find relevant content about windfoiling on the internet: “We were sick of looking through forums and a million websites just to find reviews on windfoils that we were interested in. There were small bits and pieces of information on multiple sites dedicated to windsurf, but unfortunately, most people do not have time to dig through each website to find relevant information.​”

On, you have it all in one place – they did the digging for you.

Windfoil Zone: a resource for foilers and an online store.

​”We realized that it would have been great to have a website gathering all information in one, easy place: products, news, videos, and interviews from the experts in the industry. Today, we are proud to say that WINDFOIL ZONE offers the most resources & info, completely dedicated to windfoiling. Windfoil Zone is here to give you all the information that you need to start foil windsurfing”

Windfoil Zone has also its own online store, and Flymount will now be part of Windfoil Zone’s assortment, together with other well-known windsurfing / windfoiling brands: Horue, Loftsails, Unifiber or Mantafoils.

 “Flymount is a great add-on to our portfolio, as it’s by far the best action camera mount for windfsurfing, and a tool I regularly use​ to make our product tests and reviews”, says Romain.

We wish Windfoil Zone all the best!