Windsurfing holidays are just the ticket – for all sorts of reasons. A new spot to sail can do wonders for your mental well-being. And you may just learn a thing or two new (skills-wise). But how to make sure you capture those ultimate awesome windsurfing memories? Particularly that on water action. Easy! Make sure you pack a Flymount.

Windsurfing holidays and Flymount – the perfect match.

Flymount and windsurfing holidays have been the perfect match since we started designing and manufacturing our products back in 2005. Our whole business started with windsurf trips and getting gone to foreign climes. Wind and waves (hopefully) waiting for us upon arrival.

With blue skies and sunshine, perhaps a wave or two, or idyllic flat water there’s no better time to get your action camera snapping. The anticipation is palpable. And your froth levels are always high. In a how-to article we talked about optimum conditions for ultimate windsurfing shots which you can find in this post.

(Good) weather in mind.

With weather in mind (and more chance of scoring sunshine and blue water) a windsurf trip is begging you to shoot with your Flymount and GoPro/Insta360 combo. All you have to do is remember to purchase one of our awesome action cam mounts and take it with you!

Windsurfing holidays with Flymount
There’s nothing quite the prospect of windsurfing holiday!

Ordering in time to get gone.

Here at Flymount HQ we regularly get calls and emails asking about shipping and delivery times. There’s often an eleventh-hour, short notice situation and making sure all your gear’s sorted for that imminent windsurfing holiday. Particularly when said windsurf trip has been booked on the forecast. Usually, this entails a mad scrambling and banding together of equipment needed for travelling.

Fortunately, we’re prompt with fast delivery of all Flymount products. Usually, we’ll be able to get a mount to you in good time. However, if you’ve recently booked your windsurf trip and know your departure date we’d urge you to order whichever Flymount action cam mount you’re looking at today. Just to make sure… Being fully prepared is always worthwhile. We’d hate for you to be left wanting, having landed in windsurfing paradise.

The windsurfing holiday images you’re likely to capture.

Every day we see awesome windsurfing images, captured with GoPro/Insta360 and Flymount combos. There’s often a lot of envy when those bluebird, windsurfing holiday shots appear – especially if it happens to be an overcast and cold day back at Flymount HQ. (At the time of writing, this is definitely the case. Hence why we’re dreaming of our own windsurfing trip).

Wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding & skateboarding - Flymount rogues gallery roundup 1. #7
Sarah Jackson meeting new friends on her windsurfing holiday.


No less we still love seeing them. In fact, we actively encourage it. And we know all our social media followers and customers do too (even with that big green-eyed monster in tow). Windsurfing holidays are something to look forward to and having the inspiration to get gone is a good thing.

If you happen to be on a windsurf trip right now, nailing those awesome windy shots, this just gets us salivating in anticipation. So keep the photos coming – the more the merrier! And be sure to follow Flymount on both Facebook and Instagram. Also, @ tag us if you already do follow and have captures you’re happy for us to share. We love showing what our customers get up to. 

If you’re heading off on your windsurfing holibobs and want the best action camera mount on the market head over to the Flymount online shop here.