Wing foiling and windsurfing are high impact watersports. Here at Flymount, we appreciate all riders using action cams will have spent hard earned cash on their GoPro or Insta360. That’s why when designing the Flymount Aero 130, Aero 40 and Original action cam mounts we’ve paid particular attention to the safety of your kit. By this, we mean having an integrated system to stop you from losing action cams to the depths. That would be the last thing anyone wants.

Wing foiling with Flymount’s Aero 130 action cam mount.

Wing foil wings are arguably to hardest piece of equipment to design and manufacture a GoPro/Insta360 mount for. Unlike a windsurfing mast, the component parts aren’t solid. Any wing foiler will be well aware of a wing’s inflatable nature. This means there’s always some ‘play’. Also, air pressure (PSI) can differ from brand product to brand product. Added to this is how the user decides to tune their wing with air pressure. Some wings and wing foiling situations require less PSI, for instance. This affects how the Flymount Aero 130 mounts to the wing – positively and negatively.

Fortunately, Flymount’s design team has considered these nuances during the prototyping phase. The Aero 130 is as snug a fitting GoPro/Insta360 wing mount as you can get. Without it detracting from the overall riding experience. (Weight saving was another point Flymount focused on). For added peace of mind, however, when using the Aero 130 for wingsurfing the safety leash line should always be used. The included 3m safety leash line – manufactured in the UK by English Braids – secures your action cam further. This then gives wingers the green light to go after it hard and not worry about their kit. Hit up the guide below to see how to attach your Flymount safety leash line to a wing and then nail those awesome wing foiling shots.

Windsurfing with Flymount’s Aero 40 action cam mount.

Windsurfing, as with wing foiling, can be a high impact. All those wipeouts, catapults, and bails – especially if you’re pushing things – will affect your kit. All windsurfing equipment is built to withstand these forces. And this includes the Flymount Aero 40 and Original GoPro/Insta360 mounts. Both mounts are incredibly robust, as light as can be and 100% fit for purpose. You can speed along Mach 10 or chuck all manner of contorted aerial moves and Flymount action cam mounts won’t budge.

However, for even more confidence building we include the leash safety line in both the Aero 40 and Original packages. We appreciate that sometimes accidents do happen. Anything we can do to offset these potential mishaps is therefore a good thing in our book. All our included leash safety lines are manufactured by UK based English Braids to the highest quality. Check out the safety line guides below as well as how to guarantee marvelous windsurfing shots with Flymount.

Summing up.

Ultimately here at Flymount, we want all our customers to have the best experience possible. Whilst we ensure rigorous testing of all Flymount products we also appreciate that things can happen. This is why we include and recommend using the leash safety line with all Flymount action cam mounts.

Flymount Cape Town action windsurfing
Cape Town windsurfing with Flymount and Markus Caspari, showing Table Mountain

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