Flymount has been on tour in Tarifa, Tiree and Caper Town. All three are great places to windsurf with the opportunity to nail amazing windsurfing images. Designed for ultracold and extreme heat, your Flymount will give you great, stable viewpoints wherever you are.

Flymount in Tarifa – with founder Joe Knapton.

Joe Knapton, founder of Flymount, designed the Flymount to safely hold his original waterproof camera, a Pentax,  allowing him to shoot great images in the conditions he experienced while windsurfing in South Africa, New Zealand and Tarifa in Spain.

Joe Knapton Flymount Tarifa
Joe Knapton Flymount founder shoots GoPro in Tarifa, Spain

Since then the company has undergone 3 iterations to increase strength and security and the latest Gen 4 is at the peak of development, used by professionals and athletes throughout the world to bring home the images and video that no other mount can do so flexibly.

Not just for GoPro action cameras.

Although many users enjoy the fact that our products come with a GoPro adapter as standard, meaning that the many similar mounting action cameras can be used without any further accessory, there are a number of action cameras that use the standard screw thread that is common on all normal cameras. For this, we supply a ‘tripod adapter’ which is a ball joint with a screw thread and plate to safely mount Sony, Olympus  and other cameras using the screw fitting. We also offer a ‘bundle’ with both adapters in for absolute versatility.

Flymount Tiree windsurfing mast mount
Jim Gamble in Tiree, Scotland
Mitch Wagstaff in Cape Town, shoots and sells Flymounts in South Africa, and it looks a lot warmer then Tiree, 14,000 km North. Google reckons you can drive it 194 hours, although that seems a little ambitious!

Don’t forget GoPro and our action cam mounts not only suit windsurfing they’re also perfect for other action and watersports disciplines. Whilst Flymount is spawned from windsurfing our products can be used for wing foiling,l paddle boarding, kitesurfing, MTB and more. The only thing in your way is your creativity and imagination.

To find out more about Flymount priducts head over to our online shop which you can find here. If you still have queries about our action cam products and how they can fit your application please get in touch here.