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The 4th generation of our legendary Flymount Original action camera mount – bomb proof, featherlight, and built to take a beating!

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The world’s Original action camera mount! Light, strong and built to withstand the harshest outdoor environments on Earth.

The Flymount Original – like all our products – is manufactured here in the UK; assembled and packed by people who care about what they’re doing. We strive for the highest possible standards in our manufacturing to ensure that you have the most reliable action camera mount that money can buy, keeping your camera safe when it matters.

Every detail has been scrutinised over the years, and improved where necessary. To ensure the longest possible lifespan for your Flymount Original, we use a combination of premium grade Glass Reinforced Nylon-66, and marine grade metals. The glass reinforced Nylon-66 ensures that the body of these mounts is strong and stiff, and has incredible resistance to extremes of temperature and high ultra violet. This material is used by the automotive industry as a replacement for metal when weight needs to be kept to a minimum. The metal parts are a combination of 316 marine grade stainless steel, and CZ112 naval grade brass. This enables the Flymount Original to be used extensively in saltwater without corroding or seizing. These are the original – and best – mounts that you can buy for your action camera. Beware of imitations!

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8.5 × 6 cm
Mounting System

GoPro, Tripod


Factory Second, Premium


Safety Bundle (for GoPro 5,6&7), Bundle, Standard

20 reviews for Flymount Original

  1. Diony Guadagnino

    Flymount is such an awesome tool…’s a must have mount! you can get all kinds of sick angles, super fast screw on and maneuverable! what I love most is that It’s super secure to not loose your camera!!! no need to tie it down! Already have 1 and can’t wait to get my 2nd new mount!! Good Vibes and enjoy! DG

  2. Miro Vuletic

    Excellent mount, have been using it for more than a year in all conditions and it survived everything without a scratch, quick adjustment and shifting to capture videos from any angle possible, boom mount, mast mount and since it is so easily adaptable I have been using it lately for spearfishing sessions as well as for my mountain bike videos because it takes no time at all to securely mount it to anything! Highly recommended!

  3. Andrew White

    I’ve used it twice…windsurf and mountain bike. Awesome!!
    Windsurf httpss://
    Mountain bike httpss://

  4. Nico

    When you unpack it and get it in the hands, you directly feel it is heavy-duty although it’s not heavy at all.
    When mounting, ajustement is really precise and it never moves from its position.
    I mostly use it as windsurf mast-mount and I think it is the only one which is both trustable and affordable on the market.

  5. Benjamin Graham

    I bought this mount 2 years ago to add to my collection and in all honesty, I use it the most! I know it has a surfing background but I use it for everything but that. Awesome for biking, boating, or just clamping it to a bench, tree, fence.. Whatever you want. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  6. Mike Barnett

    I use a Gopro for windsurfing, kayaking and MTB so any mounts I use have to be strong, stable, able to withstand salt water and capable of fixing to a wide variety of tubes to give different POVs. Flymount delivers on all fronts. Well engineered and totally reliable. Highly recommended.

  7. Morten F. Hansen

    Well, why even bother giving a review to something so indispensable? The Fly Mount is my only choise when mounting a GoPro on my windsurf gear. Second to none… So durable that I never worries losing my camera.

  8. Hans wilmink

    As a windsurfer, I have been using the fly mount since two years now and it is definitely the best and most versatile camera mount I have used. It is very easy and quick to set up. Different camera angles are achieved in seconds. On top of that, the product feels bombproof.
    Highly recommended!


  9. Michal Filip

    FlyMount for my GoPro Camera is excellent. Is stand all sorts of rough condition I encounter while windsurfing in big waves.

  10. Chris

    Just completed the Cape to Cape in Western Australia which is 4 days and 220kms of hard cross country mountain biking. I set up my FlyMount on the handle bars before day one in the perfect position for time lapse and it did not move or slip despite some serious shaking and vibration. FlyMount performed perfectly under conditions where I couldn’t really have stress tested it more!

  11. Michele tocchett

    Flymount is a must for all windsurfers! It’s the only gear I really trust… there’s no other product as much reliable as flymount. I can go windsurfing in wind and waves and enjoing the day and being sure in the end I’ll collect perfect movies and shots with my gopro camera.

  12. James Mazzanti

    The Flymount is an excellent product. I have been using them reliably for many years primarily to mount GoPro camera’s on my Windsurfing Mast Tip. I leverage the *leash* by stuffing it inside the mast tip, but honestly it has never come off, even after aggressive sailing and jumping. I post my videos here: httpss:// Highly recommend the FlyMount.

  13. Andy Platts

    Solidly built and easy to attach mount for POV camera. Rapidly and securely locates on my car roll-bar for trackdays, to my windsuring mast or boom when sailing and my bike handlebars when on the road or country track. Simple and secure location and fitting for my Sony Actioncam

  14. Graham H

    Well designed and made, beefy enough to take the wear and tear on a windsurfing rig. Much better than a couple of other mounts I have tried.

  15. Julian

    Top quality mount. Tried using generic ebay mounts but they broke or rattled the image. Flymount is absolutely solid on the mast or boom and stays in position when bumping through the heaviest chop. Easy to adjust and remount in different positions letting you multiply your camera angles for improved production values. Upgraded my camera recently so now I need a second flymount to run two cameras!

  16. Warren

    Have owned 2 Flymounts so far, and they have never let me down. Amazingly sturdy. Simply cannot praise them enough.

  17. Ben Proffitt

    I’m a professional Windsurfer and run a video website – Windsurfing.TV… and just dropping into say thanks Flymount for this amazing bit of kit. It ticks all the boxes and some… easily the Number 1 mount for POV! If you haven’t got one, get one… it’s an essential bit of kit in my eyes! cheers guys

  18. Thijs

    I’m a huge Flymount fan! I use it for sailing, windsurfing and mountain biking. I’ve catched a lot of great pictures with the Flymount. Furthermore, Flymount offers a great service. They replaced it immediately when I had a technical issue.

  19. Marc S.

    An absolutely versatile and amazing product. Gets you the shots in any possible angle and gives you a secure feeling about your camera safety! I’ve been using it for two years now getting the windsurfing shots I was always looking for.

    Also the support service is great and you have a warranty of three years which is amazing as welll!

  20. Andrew Gilbert

    I’ve used Flymount’s for over 6 years and when I say plural it’s only because I temporarily misplaced one. I attached them to my windsurfing mast or boom; SUP Paddle. I throw a lot at them from high speed wipe outs while windsurfing, or a batter in the waves while SUP’ing and they remain securely in place and never move. The added bonus is that they look stylish too 🙂

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