Kayaking – or more specifically sit on top kayaking – remains a popular mass participation way of getting afloat. Whilst paddle boarding was the big boom watersport during the pandemic kayaking wasn’t far behind. Sit on tops have always been popular. Offering lots of stability, versatility, and an easy way into paddle sports it’s not hard to see why.

Flymount and sit on top kayaking.

Some windsurfers and wing foilers may scoff at mention of sit on top kayaking. Flymount GoPro/In360 action cam mounts weren’t technically designed with paddling in mind. And yet, as with everything, paddlers who indulge have found ways to utilise Flymount products. Showcasing the additional versatility of Flynmount is, of course, no bad thing. We’re all for it!

If using Flymount mounts – such as the Aero 40 – you may need to get creative with how you shoot. Fortunately, you’re in luck as this article breaks down five essential paddling photo tips for nailing those awesome sit on top kayaking captures.

Classic paddle mounted shots.

Flymount products are manufactured with cylindrical attachments in mind. Originally, windsurfing masts were the point of reason for Flymount’s existence. But we all know there’s more to it than this.

Kayak paddles are also solid and cylinder in shape. This makes attaching an action camera mount easy. From the paddler’s perspective, it’s a case of where they determine the best place to affix. Attaching an Aero 40, for instance, to the middle of the paddle shaft is perhaps the most balanced position. Riders will have to move the paddle away from themselves to avoid over-bearing point of view images. Alternatively attaching a Flymount closer to one blade or the other delivers a wider field of shot and more panorama. 

Shooting other kayakers with Flymount.

The versatility of action cams and Flymount mounts knows no bounds. Whilst selfie photographs were traditionally why our products were manufactured, it’s also now apparent you can shoot others. As long as you follow a few golden rules.

Kayaking: 5 essential Flymount paddling photo tips. #4
Shooting and being shot with Flymoiunt and GoPro.

Unlike windsurfing, wing foiling and such sit on top kayaking is generally less hectic. A mellow pace and the robust nature of rotomoulded sit on kayaks allow paddlers to get closer to one another. This gives an opportunity for one rider to shoot another. And vice versa. If there’re a few of you paddling then with your Flymount attached as described above you should be able to raft up and capture group shots.

Other ways to attach a Flymount when kayaking.

As with Flymount sit on top kayaks are versatile ‘machines’. They’re certainly aimed more toward recreational paddling. But this doesn’t mean you can’t push the performance envelope if you see fit. We know plenty of sit on top riders who wave ride for instance.

With this inbuilt versatility attaching your Flymount GoPro/Insta360 mount in creative ways should be experimented with. For instance, many kayaks come with integrated fishing rod holders. These tubular inserts are perfect for retrofitted mounting points to be added. Often located on the bow or stern of the boat, riders can then employ a unique field of view via their Flymount and action cam. This way of capturing kayaking pics can serve up some unique results.

Consider the weather when shooting kayaking.

Action cameras like GoPro and Insta360 are fantastic pieces of kit. That said, to get truly dynamic results paddlers should consider all aspects of their shooting environment. The weather can play a big part in point of view action cam photography. Choosing a good weather day is therefore best practice (if possible).

Kayaking: 5 essential Flymount paddling photo tips. #5
Does your paddle convert to a sit on top kayak? Be sure to capture the action if so!

Bluebird sunshine days, when captured with an action camera, look so much more appealing. It’s hard sometimes, we know, to line up a bright day with your kayaking window of opportunity. However, trust us when we say if you can, the results will be much more fulfilling.

Other things to consider.

Before a paddling session make sure you have a few things in place to avoid disappointment post-session. A simple checklist, as follows, should be given attention before going afloat.

  • Make sure your action camera is fully charged.
  • Ensure you have enough memory on your SD card.
  • Be mindful of attaching your Flymount securely – use the included safety leash line for further peace of mind.
  • Edit your photos after paddling – even if only to correct horizons (a little edit can make an average shot so much better).
  • @ tag Flymount on social media when you share your pics. (You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram if you’re not already doing so via these links).

For more Flymount product info check out the online shop here. And be sure to check out the Flymount knowledge page here for more tips, tricks, how tos and other good stuff. If you’re a keen paddler you might like this article.