Wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding & skateboarding action has been going off lately. From all corners of the globe, riders have been getting amongst it with Flymount action cam mounts, GoPro, and Insta36 and capturing their antics. And it’s great to see. All Flymount users will know, our action cam mounts fit so many different applications. The versatility is unparalleled. This is why we have so many wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding & skateboarding shots to choose from. And more!

Flymount: more than just wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding & skateboarding.

Flymount was conceived with windsurfing in mind initially. But over the years it’s become obvious that Flymount GoPro / Insta360 action cam mounts have way more versatility. And this is down to you guys. Our great customers. Being ever creative we’ve seen all riders find new and innovative ways of using their Flymount.

No longer is one of our products stuck to just one discipline alone. There are so many ways to use it. As is the case with some, you don’t even need your action cam attached to your equipment. Using a third party fixed point, and then doing your thing in close proximity, gives a totally new and unique angle to the shots captured.

Flymount how to guides for watersports and more.

With the above in mind, there’s more than one to skin a cat – so the saying goes. Especially when it comes to capturing awesome wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding, skateboarding, MTB and other action shots. But we appreciate some riders aren’t sure what to do in terms of experimenting with other angles.

And actually, using a Flymount for the first time – in whatever situation you deem fit – may require a little signposting. This is why we’ve been publishing various how to guides. You may have seen these shared on Flymount’s social media channels. (If you’re not already following us by the way then here are the links for Facebook and Instagram). Check out some of the how to guides via the links below. You’ll find more over on Flymount’s Knowledge page here.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

So far we’ve waffled on about the versatility of Flymount action cam mounts and our how to guides for wing foiling, windsurfing, paddle boarding, skateboarding and more. But we know the real reason you’re here (probably) is to check out the rogues gallery from recent action snapped by some of the riders using Flymount. So without further ado feats on eyes on the veritable banquet of good stuff below.

Thanks to all the riders featured above –

  • Carlos Pro
  • Yann Rifflet
  • Antoine Daix
  • Sarah Jackson
  • Ben Proffitt
  • Giulio Formicola
  • Giufo Soulboarder
  • James Dawson
  • Plankenreiter
  • Markus Caspari

Featured products in this article used to capture all that awesome Flymount action as follows –

If you have any questions about any Flymount wing foiling or windsurfing action camera mount please get in touch here. For the full list of Flymount products please visit our online shop.