Flymount Aero-40 Ultralight Action Camera Mount

The NEW ultralight Flymount Aero-40 action camera mount.

Safe recommended mounting range of 25mm to 40mm.
Factory fitted with a GoPro type mounting system – compatible with all GoPro cameras.

All EU orders are shipped from within the EU.


Available with
tripod adaptor for

Our NEW compact mount for action sports equipment - compact, ultralight and incredibly strong.
The Aero-40 is designed for bomb proof attachment to action sports equipment - particularly in high UV marine environments. A safe mounting range of 25mm to 40mm covers windsurf masts, booms, SUP paddles, wing-foil booms, bike frames, and pretty much any action sports equipment you can imagine.

The Aero-40 is fitted with our patent pending one-handle-design for minimum bulk, and reliable intuitive adjustment of both the grip and the camera position.

Made in England form super tough glass reinforced Akulon® with marine grade metal parts for a lifetime of abuse in harsh outdoor environments.

Additional information

Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 11 cm

Standard, Tripod Bundle

Aero-40 mast mount in Pozo with Ben Proffitt


The Aero-40 has an overall weight of just 96g, making it the lightest clamp mount we’ve ever made. It’s also the strongest.

Keeping the weight down on these mounts was no easy task. The incredible strength to weight ratio of the Aero-40 lies in its design – 12 months of prototyping, testing, and re-designing have created this pocket sized piece of perfection.

Flymount aero-40 with a GoPro Max attached to a carbon mast
Ben Proffitt using the Flymount Aero-40 with the new Insta360 ONE X3

Overall weight: 96g

Mounting range: 25-40mm

Camera mounting system: GoPro

Body material: Glass filled nylon PA6

Metal parts: Stainless steel 316 / brass

Box contents: Aero-40 mount + safety line.


Is the Aero-40 compatible with my camera? 
The Aero-40 uses a GoPro type mounting system, making it compatible with almost all action cameras on the market. An additional quarter inch thread adaptor can be bought separately.

Can I attach the Aero to objects larger than the recommended maximum size?
Within the maximum safe mounting range (40mm) it is almost impossible for your Aero-40 to become detached. Beyond the recommended safe range, we cannot guarantee the attachment. If you choose to mount beyond the recommened safety range, please ensure that the mount feels solid, and cannot be removed using hand pressure.  Allways ensure a suitable safety line is attached!

Will the Aero fit on my kit?
The Aero-40 has a wide range of adjustment that should offer a variety of mounting options on most cylindrical objects found in action sports equipment. If in doubt, measure the intended mounting points on your kit to check that they fall within the safe range of 25 – 40mm.

Will the Aero-40 damage my equipment?
No! The jaws are lined with soft rubber pads.
The tightening system is progressive, with steady controllable pressure.

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