Windsurfing, wing foiling and paddle boarding may be sports we have a particular affinity with but there are plenty of others Flynount products work well for. The beady eyed amongst you will have noticed our recent knowledge article output. Here at Flymount we’re aiming to ramp this knowledge up. Both in terms of specific content aimed at Flymount products and also these sports themselves. Hence you’ll now find how tos, tricks and tips plus other good stuff. And this is set to continue.

Wing foiling is a key sport for Flymount.

Increased windsurfing, wing foiling and action sports content.

With this increased windsurf, wing foiling and action sports content comes the possibility you may miss a post or two. And we know, from having customers contact us with similar questions, these topics are well received. Keeping this in mind our latest Flymount windsurf, wing foiling, paddle boarding and skateboarding article round up pools together our recent posts.

action camera mount Flymount windsurfing
Windsurf will always be part of what Flymopunt offers.

Hopefully, this should make them easy to discover if you’re reading this post. To read the latest Flymount knowledge article click on the post links below.

Flymount content you may have missed.